Mableton Water Heater Replacement

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Are you cycling through water heaters more often than you should be? Are your water heaters only lasting a few years instead of the 10 or more than what’s expected? Your Mableton, GA water heater replacement professionals urge you to consider the possibility that your water heater is under too much pressure. If you or your plumbing contractor suspect this to be the case, it is worthwhile to investigate getting a thermal expansion tank for your water heater.

Thermal Expansion Tanks

Thermal expansion tanks do not, in any way, increase the amount of water that your water heater can store. What this type of tank does instead is to act as a pressure buffer for your plumbing system. It regulates water pressure to extend the life of your water heater and improve the functionality of your plumbing overall.

When water heats up inside of a tank, its volume increases. This increase leads to the pressure that acts against the rigid sides of your water heater’s tank. In the worst-case scenarios, this can lead to pipes actually bursting. Most commonly, however, excessive pressure will lead to a leak in your water heater. Neither are good outcomes, of course, and they can be avoided by installing a thermal expansion tank with the help of your Mableton, GA water heater replacement and repair contractor.

Thermal Expansion at Work

If you’ve chosen to get a thermal expansion tank for your water heater, the device will look like a canister. This canister is then outfitted to the cold water pipe that feeds the water heater. When pressure builds up inside of a water heater’s tank, it can overflow toward the thermal expansion tank.

The rubber diaphragm of the device allows for some water to enter while a pocket of air ensures that the water will return to the original tank once it has cooled. In this way, thermal expansion tanks act as something of a shock absorber, but for pressure, obviously. The increasing pressure gets released without causing any harm to the tank or any of your home’s pipes.

Mableton, GA Water Heater Replacement Recommendations

A water heater is supposed to heat the water in your home for ten years, sometimes even longer. But when excessive pressure is causing strain to the tank or the pipes, a water heater doesn’t stand a chance. Within just a few short years, it will give out and leak, thus making a full replacement necessary. Outright, water heater replacements aren’t cheap, especially when you are frequently footing the bill for a new one. The installation of a thermal expansion tank can save you and your wallet some misery.

If you’re unsure as to why your water heaters are constantly going down, consult with your Mableton GA water heater replacement and repair specialist for answers. They will help you to assess the situation and ensure that your expansion tank is properly installed.