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Like all household appliances, your water heater is prone to wear and tear after extended usage. Pretty soon, it will start to act up. However, don’t buy a replacement just yet! Some problems are actually quite simple and you can simple call for Atlanta water heater repair services to get it fixed. Here are three common problems with water heater, along with some expert advice on the troubleshooting.

How to Check Your Water Heater

While you’re waiting for the Atlanta water heater repair experts to arrive, try to open the water heater to check it. Here are some of the things that you have to safely do.

  • Turn off the power to the water heater by switching off the circuit breaker or removing the appropriate fuse in the fuse box
  • Turn off the gas next by switching the gas control valve to the pilot position
  • Shut off the water supply line by closing the valve that connects the heater to your water supply line. Usually, it is located on top of the water heater tank. Do remember, however, that you must not shut off this valve before turning the power and the gas line off.

Low Volume of Hot Water

If your bath starts out hot but ends up cold, chances are that you might have got the wrong heat setting, or that you have sediments in your water heater tank. If it is the former, then all you have to do is to manually set the thermostat again to a desirable level. If it is the latter, then maybe flushing your water heater tank is the best course of action to take.

Water has Strange Colors

If you suddenly notice a strange discoloration in the water that comes out of your tap or shower, your water heater might have problems with rust, corrosion, or calcium. If there is rust in your pipe, your water will come out red, and you will have to install a water softener or filtration system to filter out the rust. The same applies to calcium. If corrosion is happening in your water pipes, then the water will come out green, and this is a very telling sign that you’re in for a water heater replacement service.

Little Hot Water Produced

This problem is a whole lot worse when it is winter and you need a bath. If there is no hot water coming out at all, you must do a full check of the machine. Check the gas control valve, the pilot light, and the thermocouple to make sure they work properly. If the pilot light is the problem, you have to relight it.

Superior Atlanta Water Heater Repair Services

Some problems with water heaters are relatively easy to deal with but you’ll still need reliable Atlanta water heater repair professionals to help you outIf the problems are serious, you shouldn’t try to fix them on your own. For those cases, contact us. We have many years of experience in providing satisfactory services to hundreds of families. We will offer you the best water heater repair service at very reasonable prices.