Mableton, GA Water Heater Installation

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Most homeowners want to take the do-it-yourself approach as often as possible. But where your water heater is concerned, installation always needs to be handled by a Mableton, GA water heater installation specialist. You might not have considered this before, but your water heater is one of the most dangerous appliances that you have in your home. You’re dealing with gallons of hot water, water and heat pressure, and a number of fixtures that need to be installed properly to work safely.

Why Call a Mableton, GA Water Heater Installation Contractor

It might be appealing to save a few dollars by installing your own water heater. But unless you are a plumbing contractor with experience in Sandy Plains water heater installation, the DIY approach isn’t the way to go. Here are three compelling reasons to call in the professionals for the installation of your new water heater.


The most important reason to get the help of a professional plumbing contractor is safety. When installing a water heater, there are many components that can cause serious bodily harm if not handled properly. These are:

  • Natural gas
  • Electrical wiring
  • Hot water
  • Carbon monoxide
  • The pressure-controlled tank itself

The potential damage that these elements can cause when not installed properly can be catastrophic. The risk of bodily or property damage is very real and can be successfully avoided only by having an experienced professional do the job.


Your Sandy Plains water heater contractor will know all of the building and fire codes, as well as the permits that apply to your area. They will easily obtain the necessary permits to ensure that the water heater installation is legal, as well as safe.


When you attempt to install a water heater yourself, you do not get the added benefit of a warranty. Should anything happen to your water heater, you will be 100% on the hook for whatever the repair or replacement might cost you. A professional water heater installer, when allowed to do their job and install your water heater safely, will offer you a warranty that grants you some financial protection in such an event.

A water heater is a different type of appliance than you might be used to installing. It’s not as easy as simply plugging it in and hitting a switch. The installation process requires a degree of knowledge and finesse that most people simply don’t have. When you recruit the services of your Mableton, GA water heater installation specialist, you know that your water heater is being installed safely and legally. You can shower, wash clothes and clean your dishes with peace of mind, knowing that you are protected by the warranty offered by our professional plumbers.