Smyrna Water Heater Replacement


When you have a broken water heater on your hands, you are forced to make a decision between Smyrna water heater replacement and water heater repair. While the decision may seem complicated at first, considering the following factors might make the answer simple.

First, you should consider how old your water heater is. You can expect your water heater to last approximately ten years. If you are facing water heater damage after the ten-year mark, you should definitely be leaning toward replacement. Repairing your water heater near the end of its lifespan could be like placing a bandage on the problem. It likely will not take long for the next issue to reveal itself. In that case, you will be paying for multiple repairs and replacement when you could save money by replacing your water heater.

Next, you should consider efficiency when deciding whether to repair or replace your water heater. In order to judge the efficiency of your water heater, look at the stickers on the side of the water heater to locate the annual cost of operation. This is an estimate, of course, but it can be helpful in judging the efficiency of your water heater in comparison to other models.

Another way to judge the efficiency of your water heater is to check its R-value. The R-value shows how well the water heater is insulated. If your water heater feels hot, its R-value is likely lower than 24. In this case, you should consider a replacement.

One final way to judge the water heater’s efficiency is by checking its energy factor. A high energy factor signifies a more efficient water heater. This efficiency might not directly indicate that the water heater costs less to operate per year, but it can help you approximate.

Smyrna Water Heater Replacement to Better Meet Your Needs

When you reach the crossroads between repairing your current water heater and installing a new one, it is time to re-evaluate your family’s needs. Maybe your family has grown since the installation of the first water heater. Maybe people have moved out of your home and are no longer using water.

Consider the amount of water your family is using when making this decision. If you have been running out of hot water frequently, it might be time to upgrade your water heater to a tankless version or a water heater with a bigger tank. If you are using considerably less hot water now than before, maybe it is time to save money by downgrading in size. Ultimately, your satisfaction with the amount of hot water your family is getting should play a significant role in the decision.

Finally, damage should be considered when choosing between Smyrna water heater replacement and water heater repair. Different types of damage require different types of repairs. We recommend consulting with one of our technicians to find out if your water heater damage requires costly repair. In this case, it might not be worth the repair.

If you are struggling to decide between Smyrna water heater replacement and water heater repair, give us a call today to find out more about it. We’ll help you make the right decision. We guarantee high-quality services offered at very reasonable rates.

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