Peachtree Corners Water Heater Repair

Best Water Heater Installation Services in Peachtree Corners, GA

It’s pretty rare to see a family that does not use a water heater, especially in the colder regions. Water heaters have become so common that it’s now hard to imagine taking a bath without hot water. Our Peachtree Corners water heater repair experts have compiled a list of the most common problems with water heaters and some troubleshooting tips for each. Water heaters are necessary appliances in every home but they are very susceptible to damage if not maintained well.

Leaking Water Heaters

Leaks are probably one of the most common issues that our Peachtree Corners water heater repair experts encounter. Leaking water heaters are very wasteful, and they can ruin your carpets and your walls. It’s a good idea to get these leaks patched as soon as they are found. Leaks can either be found on the top or at the bottom of your water heater tank. If they’re at the bottom, then the tank itself could be faulty and you’ll need a water heater replacement service. If they are found on top, then chances are there are a few loose valves or joints. Tighten these joints to get rid of the leaks.

Low Water Heater Pressure

If your water heater suddenly receives a drop in pressure, there may be sediments or mineral buildup in the pipes. Turn off your water heater and disconnect it from the water and gas or electricity supply, then check to see if that’s the case. If yes, then you might have to flush the water heater itself to get rid of the buildups. If not, then you might be using older plumbing pipe systems that can no longer hold up to modern standards. Replace the pipes and that might do the trick.

Discolored Water

Discolored water may be caused by two things: rust or corrosion. If the water bears a greenish hue, then corrosion is in play, and you will need to replace your water heater soon. If the water that comes out is red, then you might have rust in your pipes. To deal with the rust, install a whole house water filler or water softener to deal with the minerals that contaminate your water heater’s pipes.

Noisy Water Heater

Your water heater is supposed to make noise all the time. But sometimes, it can make weird rumbling noises. This is caused by the mineral buildups in the system. To get rid of these buildups, you will have to flush your water heater every once a month. This will also increase the water heater’s longevity.

Satisfactory Peachtree Corners Water Heater Repair

Even if you maintain your water heater very carefully, problems are bound to happen from time to time. You must be ready for those. If you simply don’t have the time or the knowledge to repair your water heater, then let our experienced Peachtree Corners water heater repair experts do the task for you! Armed with years of experience in the field, we guarantee to provide you with satisfactory repair services. Call us now for more information!