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Water heaters are heavily relied on. They’re used on a daily basis, and that means they need some extra work to avoid Milton water heater repair services. By regularly maintaining your water heater, you’ll save lots of money that would’ve otherwise been spent on repairs. You’ll also be prolonging the service life of the water heater by making sure it’s always running in its optimum condition.

Neglecting it will lead to lots of calls to Milton water heater repair services to correct any underlying problems. Just follow these few steps every now and then to preserve your water heater for as long as possible.

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Lower Set Temperature

Most water heaters come with a default temperature setting of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a setting is too much and most water heater technicians will tell you that the setting of 115 degrees is usually enough. By lowering your water heater’s set temperature, you’ll also be lowering the risk of overheating it. It will save you money on your energy bill, too.

Flush the Water Heater

Flushing your water heater helps eliminate sediment and build up. Excess sediment can damage parts of the heater so it’s always good to regularly get rid of it. So how do you flush your water heater? First of all, turn off the power if it’s an electric heater. Next, you should put a bucket under the drain valve then open the valve gradually. Opening the valve requires a counter-clockwise movement.

After you’ve drained about a gallon or two, close the valve by turning it clockwise then turn back the power. Take care that the draining water is boiling hot so you might burn your skin if you come in contact with it.

Wrap Water Heater in an Insulating Blanket

Insulating blankets can be used to cover the water pipes as well as the water heater itself. As the name implies, these blankets reduce heat loss from the pipes and the water heater, thereby lowering energy consumption. Your water heater will also work less in order to heat the water since the temperature stays steady. This should prolong the life of your water heater.

Get Professional Milton Water Heater Repair Services

If you’re not someone who likes to do these things in person, or you simply don’t have the time, you can call a professional plumber or technician for guidance and help. The main benefit of getting a professional to maintain your water heater is that they’ll be able to check things that you can’t. Additionally, they’ll know how to maintain the water heater while taking all the necessary precautions and without getting hurt.

Professionals should also be able to fix any problems that they detect. Alternatively, by inspecting the water heater yourself, you might miss certain problems. You won’t be able to fix them even if you catch them. Water heaters are long lasting and you shouldn’t find yourself looking for Milton water heater repair many times. The best way to prolong the life of your water heater is still through regular maintenance.

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