Marietta Water Heater Replacement


The old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” might not be so helpful when it comes to Marietta water heater replacement. Water heaters deteriorate with age, like many of your major home appliances. When the water heater inevitably breaks, it can leak, leaving your home at risk for water damage. Instead of waiting for this to happen, pay close attention to the signs that show your water heater is no longer at its best.

Murky water flowing from the faucets in your home is a telltale sign of water heater deterioration. This is due to rust forming in areas of the water heater like the tank seams, the temperature valve, the pressure relief valve, the drain valve, and even the water supply lines. This corrosion is not the only reason your water might be murky. If the water is muddy or sandy instead of rust-colored, there could even be sediment inside the tank. When the age of the water heater starts to affect the cleanliness of your water, it is more than likely time to consider water heater replacement.

Unusual noises can also signal water heater damage. While healthy water heaters do make some noise as water heats, loud cracks and pops are signs of damage. These noises are most likely the result of sediment buildup. Sediment within the water tank hardens over time. When the water heats up, hardened sediment collides with the heating element. The noise results from this collision and the burning of the sediment.

Any water leaking from your water heater is a major sign of damage. This can be an indication of internal failure within your water heater. A leaking water heater is a time sensitive issue, as the water can potentially damage your home. Marietta water heater replacement is the best course of action when faced with a leaking water heater, as this issue often cannot be fixed with a simple repair. Turning off the electricity or gas right away is a good idea, as the water has to be cooled before the damaged water heater can be removed to make way for a new one.

Marietta Water Heater Replacement for Older Water Heaters

The final sign that you may require water heater replacement is simply the age of your water heater. The average life span of a water heater is approximately ten years. Many people who move into a house with a water heater already installed are not aware of their water heater’s age. A water heater over the age of ten can be a ticking time bomb. In order to avoid severe damage, find the age of your water heater by locating the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker.

If your water heater is over ten years of age, go ahead and call for Marietta water heater replacement as a precaution. If your water heater is older or shows signs of damage, call us today to schedule an appointment. We can help you decide if Marietta water heater replacement is right for you at this time.