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Atlanta Water Heaters are here to offer you excellent leak detection services for your Atlanta home so that you we can pinpoint plumbing issues fast and solve the potential damage and problems before they arise.


Leaking pipes can cause very little damage, but they can also ruin your home and landscaping and cost you a pretty penny in extra water bills. When pipes inside the home leak, the stagnant water inside your walls causes mold. Unsightly bubbles form in the paint on the walls, and eventually the mold usually makes its way out and onto these bubbles. The last thing you want to see when sitting on your living room sofa is a ghastly black pustule on your wall. Not only is this unsightly, but the mold can actually cause damage to your family’s health. People prone to seasonal allergies have worsened conditions with mold present in their homes. This is why it is imperative for leaks to be identified and repairs as soon as possible. It is also important that leaks be repaired effectively, because sometimes one leak will be fixed but another leak was also causing the problem. Both leaks must be repaired in order to keep the plumbing system from failure, your home and health from destruction, and your water bill from skyrocketing.

Although this seems easy enough, it is actually not. Water leaks in your home can be difficult to find. Sometimes they present themselves in the form of stained ceilings, sheetrock, or flooring. Other times, they do not make themselves visible to the naked eye, going completely undetected for long periods of time during which they fester and grow. To detect and repair the leaks, meticulous hands, extensive training, and stellar leak detectors are vital. That is why you need to call the Atlanta leak detection experts here at Atlanta Water Heaters. Our technology is the only way to effectively identify all leaks causing the problems in your home.

We offer complete leak detection Atlanta as part of our wide array of available services. Using the most sophisticated equipment, we are able to pinpoint with incredible accuracy the source of the leak. Wherever the leak may be, we have an effective leak detector that sends out high-frequency signals, allowing the water leak detector to detect even the tiniest of pressure variations inside the pipes. These differences in pressure would otherwise be undetectable to the human ear and possibly even to the human eye, as they are usually caused by extremely small pinholes or splits in the pipe. When there is no water activity occurring through the faucet, dishwasher, or other household appliance, no noise should be emitted by the pipes.

Slight noises like hissing, etc indicate a leak is present. Our leak detection service pinpoints the location of this leak, allowing us to properly repair it. The accuracy of our leak detector is impressive—leaks are detected within 6 inches of their exact location. Sometimes, there are more than one leak in the pipes. When families hear a noise or notice a problem and call a plumber without our plumbing leak detection services, the plumber will look for the source of the problem without knowing there are two sources. This could prolong the issue, increase the damage, and further impact your schedule. Our leak detection service detects every problem at once, leaving absolutely no room for surprises.

Few Atlanta plumbing companies provide water leak detection as part of their services. We strive to offer you COMPLETE plumbing services, from Atlanta leak detection services to the actual repair. Our prices for the service are fair and competitive. Check with your home insurance company about possible reimbursement for the cost of such services, as most are covered under your policy.

If you have recently noticed an increase in your water bill, give us a call. If you have suddenly noticed a festering black pustule on your wall, give us a call. If you need absolutely any plumbing repairs at all, give us a call. We are the number one trusted plumbing company in the Atlanta area. Our plumbers have been providing quality service for over 25 years. We are passionate about what we do and strive for one hundred percent satisfaction rates from our customers. It is not, however, our only desire to provide stellar business to our customers. It is our number one goal for each and every one of you to have top of the line plumbing systems that operate perfectly. With that being said, Atlanta Water Heaters is the only place to turn when seeking stellar leak detection services. We offer the best technology in the field.  Our leak detection services are the only way to ensure that your pipes are free of leaks, or that all leaks in your pipes have been properly repaired.

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