Lawrenceville Water Heater Repair

Best Water Heater Repair Services in Lawrenceville, GA

There are many problems that can affect your home’s water heater performance, and they all need to be addressed by the professionals. You should know what these problems are and how they present themselves. This way, you can reach out to the Lawrenceville water heater repair specialists before a small problem escalates into a full-blown water heater replacement.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Lawrenceville Water Heater Repair

In this article, we’ll explain five of the most common signs and symptoms that point toward a functional problem with your water heater. You should be aware of these problems so that you can have them addressed early on, thus minimizing headache and financial cost.

You’re Getting Too Little Hot Water

Even after turning up the water heater’s thermostat, you might experience what seems to be an impractical shortage of hot water. If your hot showers don’t stay hot for long, there could be a problem with the heating mechanism that operates within the water heater.

You’re Getting Zero Hot Water

Gas-operated and electrically fired water heaters generate heat in different ways. If your water heater is failing to put out any hot water and it runs on gas, this could be because of an extinguished pilot light. The thermocouple or pilot control valve could be the culprit behind this problem. If your non-heating water heater is powered by electricity, the heating element itself could be in poor shape. Unless you have this specific type of training yourself, it is best to leave all of these repairs to the Lawrenceville water heater repair experts.

Your Water is Too Hot

Sometimes, over-adjusting the thermostat can result in water that is too cold. It is also possible to make your water too hot, even scalding, this way. If you’ve properly adjusted your thermostat and your water is coming out too hot, the thermostat itself could need replacing. Alternatively, the issue could lie with a wiring issue. Either way, you want this problem treated by an experienced water heater professional.

Your Water Heater is Getting Noisy

When a layer of sediment builds up inside of a water heater, this causes the heating element to warm the sediment directly. What results is a loud, shaking or rattling water heater. If left unaddressed for too long, additional sediment can build up and essentially cause your heating element to completely burn out. And if this happens, you’re going to be stuck making a complete replacement of your water heater.

Your Heater Has Sprung a Leak

Unfortunately, there is no coming back from a leak in your water heater. Even a small leak can introduce big problems, like mold and mildew buildup in the area around it, which is a tremendous health issue for you and your family. If a leak has made itself known, it’s time to get your water heater replaced by the professionals.

Get Lawrenceville Water Heater Repair as Soon as You See a Problem

The best thing that you can do is to act quickly when your water heater is showing signs of trouble. Getting a professional Lawrenceville water heater repair expert on the case will drastically diminish the likelihood that you will need to replace your water heater before the end of its lifespan.

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