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The cost of a household’s power bill and the usage of water heaters is a real concern. It’s one of the things people need the most when it comes to water heaters, along with East Cobb water heater repair. Fortunately, there are lots of ways for you to save on your power bill regardless of whether your water heater is electric or gas.

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    water heater repair service, hot water tank replacement,hot water heater repair, electric water heater repair, gas water heater repair
    water heater repair, gas water heater leaking, water leak detection, hot water tank repair, water heater repair service, hot water tank replacement, hot water heater repair, electric water heater repair, gas water heater repair

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    Lower Your Water Heating Bill

    Luckily, most of the methods used in lowering the power consumption of your water heater also mean lowering the water heater’s workload. Ultimately this will decrease your likelihood for needing East Cobb water heater repair.

    You can start by only using cold water when washing clothes. Detergents don’t need hot water in order to work and cold water will do the job. By only using cold water for laundry, you’ll save a lot per year, regardless if you’re using gas water heaters or electric water heaters.

    Lowering your water heater’s thermostat is another great and simple way to lower power consumption. After all, you don’t need scalding hot water. Lower your water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll get water that’s hot enough to be enjoyable while still saving a lot of money.

    Another option if you’re really interested in saving money is to take short showers rather than long baths. Filling an entire bathtub with hot water can be costly as opposed to simply taking a shower for 10 minutes or so and then turning off the hot water supply. Using low flow shower heads is another alternative that saves water as well as power, although they might end up making your showers less fun.

    East Cobb Water Heater Repair Basics

    The kind of water heater you have or buy is just as important as your behavior and power-saving strategies. Not all water heaters are energy efficient. You’ll usually find that the cheap water heater models in the market are not energy efficient at all. The money you’ll save initially will be spent later on your power bill. On the other hand, expensive models are often highly efficient and will save you money in the long run. This applies to electric and gas water heater models.

    If your water heater has a timer, then that’s a really useful tool that can help you save money. You can adjust the timer so that the water heater turns off when no one’s at home or when hot water isn’t needed. It can be adjusted to turn off between 9 am and 2 pm, for example, when everyone is at school or work. You could also adjust it to turn off automatically between 12 am and 5 am when everyone’s asleep. If your water heater doesn’t have a timer, then you might want to consider upgrading to a model that does.

    There’s no shame in looking for ways to save money by controlling the amount of power your water heater uses. In fact, it’s quite common and highly desired, almost as much as a good East Cobb water heater repair service provided by Atlanta Water Heaters

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