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The process of purchasing a water heater is just as important as the East Cobb water heater installation services that come with it. You need to identify the right water heater for your needs before you begin looking for the right people to install it for you. Electric water heaters are quite popular and are the number one choice for most people.

Electric Water Heater Installation

Knowing the pros and cons are important before making a purchase and ultimately, requesting East Cobb water heater installation services. You should at least know the pros of an electric water heater installation.

One advantage is that electric water heaters are easier to use since you don’t need to turn on the gas for them to work. They’re automatically connected to your electric supply. They also take up less space when compared to their gas counterparts, and they don’t need a vent. Those with limited space can take advantage of this by opting to buy an electric water heater.

When it comes to installation, electric heaters are easier to install. Gas heaters often need the installation of a new ventilation system which can prolong the installation and make it costlier. You won’t face this issue when you hire us to install your electric water heater.

Electric heaters can be used wherever there is electricity. Almost all homes have an electric power supply, but not all of them have a gas source. So odds are that you’re going to have an easier time installing an electric heater.

Top-Notch East Cobb Water Heater Installation Services

While electric water heaters cost less than gas-powered heaters, they might end up costing a lot more in the long run. Yes, you’ll save on initial cost and installation, but what about your power bill? Electricity is more expensive than gas, and you’ll certainly see the difference in your next power bill. So if you’re not prepared to spend more money on power, maybe electric water heaters aren’t for you.

We mentioned that almost all homes have access to electricity, but that doesn’t guarantee constant heating. If a power outage occurs, your electric water heater won’t have any power source to use. You should be fine as long as you live in an area that has a constant and reliable source of electricity with no major outages.

Longer recovery time is something that nobody likes about electric water heaters. The recovery time pertains to how long it takes to get the water heater to produce hot water after a period of high consumption. You can overcome the issue by getting a heater with a larger tank, but that will make it more expensive as you also increase energy usage. Recovery time isn’t something that you should worry about if you live in a household where there aren’t many people.

Hopefully, this provided you with all you need to know about electric water heaters. Once you make up your mind, you can then call one of our East Cobb water heater installation technicians to come and install your new water heater.

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