Decatur Water Heater Repair

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A home’s water heater system plays an incredibly important role, but too many homeowners don’t give it much thought until a problem arises. When these problems come up, they must resort to a Decatur water heater repair professional to address the issue and provide parts replacements or repairs as necessary. Fortunately, there are some water heater maintenance tips that you can use to not only extend the life of your water heater but also to avoid costly repair bills.

Water Heater Maintenance

You do need to call in the professionals when something’s wrong with your water heater. However, there are simple maintenance tasks that you’re required to do. Below are some of the things that you can do to extend the lifespan of your water heater.

Get Acquainted with Your Heating System

When you move into a new place, for instance, you should know where your water heater is. This might sound obvious, but sometimes water heaters are tucked away in attics, basements and even closets. You want to know where your water heater is, just in case something does go wrong at some point.

You should also learn whether your water heater is powered by gas or by electricity. Then, learn the manufacturing date of your water heater. You should be able to see a label on the top of the tank. This label will have the date when the water heater was made. This is important to know because most tank water heaters will only endure for 10-15 years before ultimately failing.

Keep the Area Around Your Water Heater Clear

If your water heater is gas-powered, it is going to need room to “breathe” as it heats your water. Oxygen is needed for the burner to start working and if things are smothering the heater, it won’t work as effectively. Your Decatur water heater repair professional has likely seen the catastrophic effects that cluttering a water heater can cause. Some of these problems include leaking, and even carbon monoxide leaks.

No matter what power source your water heater uses, this is a good practice anyway. If the area around your water heater is cluttered with stuff, you’re not going to notice a leak as quickly as you otherwise could have.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

Once a year, you should have your water tank flushed. This helps to prevent the buildup of sediment, extends the lifespan of your water heater, protects its energy efficiency and keeps the water heater functioning exactly as it should. You can do this yourself, but if you’re not sure how, then it’s best to bring in the help of a professional plumbing contractor.

Keep a Decatur Water Heater Repair Expert on Stand-By

You should always have access to a plumbing contractor that works with water heaters. Your Decatur water heater repair specialist is your best resource. Contact us if anything goes awry with your water heater. If you experience any problems, like water not staying hot or not getting hot at all, Atlanta Water Heaters should be the company to call.