Crabapple Water Heater Repair

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In older water heaters, a leak generally points toward the need for an outright replacement. However, there are causes of leaks that do not necessarily mean a death sentence for your water heater. Our Crabapple water heater repair specialists are familiar with many such cases, and we’re more than willing to educate you more about it.

Why is My Water Heater Leaking?

To properly assess the situation you’re dealing with, you need to figure out what the source of the leak is. You can choose to hire a plumber or take a look at the water heater if you’re not comfortable poking around yourself. But it can be pretty simple to identify the source of a leak.

The Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves are Faulty

The temperature and pressure valve serves a very important purpose. It regulates the temperature of the water and ensuring that too much pressure doesn’t build up inside the tank. The valve can be responsible for leaks because of the discharge tube that runs between the valve itself and the floor. This tube ensures that water leaking from the valve is safely moved downward, rather than spraying all over the place and possibly causing injuries as well as water damage to the home.

Look for the discharge tube at the bottom of the water heater. Check it for moisture. If moisture is present around the tube, then the issue likely lies with the T and P valve. Our Crabapple water heater repair experts can replace this valve easily if you’re not comfortable doing so yourself.

The Drain Valve is Being Problematic

Each water heater is equipped with a drain valve that empties the heater of water so that maintenance can be performed. The drain valve can stop operating as it should if anything causes the handle to become loose. In this case, it’s easy enough to simply tighten it again by hand to put an end to the leak. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then you can quickly replace the valve with minimal effort. The same measure will have to be taken if you see water leaking from the base of the drain valve.

The Tank is Reaching the End of its Life

A leaking tank is most often caused by a buildup of sediment at the bottom of the water heater. You can typically see this without any kind of close inspection than the tank itself is leaking. Unfortunately, when this happens there is little recourse that you’ve got available to you. No water heater tank is going to last forever, and the average lifespan of these appliances is roughly 10 years. Sediment buildup is also the likely culprit behind shaking and noise that could be affecting your water heater.

Hire Crabapple Water Heater Repair Professionals

If you aren’t comfortable assessing your water heater yourself or the efforts you’ve made to repair it haven’t worked, recruiting the help of a Crabapple water heater repair specialist should be your next step. These industry experts can identify the cause behind any leak and help you draft a plan of action to remedy the problem.