Brookhaven Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Installation and Repair in Brookhaven, GA

The most common reason for calling a Brookhaven water heater repair service is that you’re not getting any hot water at all. People who can’t start their day without a hot shower in the morning are the ones who will suffer from this the most. The more people in a household are dependent on the use of the water heater, the greater the discomfort will be.

Before rushing to call Brookhaven water heater repair services, you might first want to acquire some knowledge on what the issue might be. That way, you’ll have a clearer idea of the problem before our technician arrives. We’ll tell you exactly what the defect is, but it will help if you also understand the things that we’re talking about. The three most commonly damaged components that lead to a lower amount of hot water, or even the total lack of it, are damaged dip tubes, broken heating elements, and faulty burners.

Damaged Dip Tubes

First of all, what are dip tubes and what is their purpose in a water heater? Dip tubes carry cold water from the water source to the bottom of the tank in order for it to be heated. Heat exchange occurs at the bottom of the tank. Once water is heated, it rises to the top of the tank.

When the dip tubes become damaged, the cold water coming into the tank stays at the top, mixing with the hot water rather than moving to the bottom as it should. The net result is that you end up with no hot water. Broken dip tubes are a very common issue. But fortunately, they’re relatively easy to repair and replace.

Broken Heating Elements

Heating elements are components of electric water heaters, so you shouldn’t expect to face this issue if you own a gas water heater. Electric heaters have two heating elements. If one of them breaks, the amount of water that you get is decreased. You might even find that the water that comes out the faucet or shower head is mildly warm rather than really hot like it was before.

If this problem isn’t fixed soon, then the other heating element will break as well due to overloading. When that happens, you’ll end up with absolutely no hot water at all. So don’t postpone fixing water heater problems since they’re just going to get worse.

Faulty Burners

While heating elements are specific to electric heaters, burners are specific to gas heaters. It’s another very common cause of not getting hot water, and our technicians fix this kind of problem on a daily basis. Burners in a water heater might not work properly due to the accumulation and build up of dirt and rust on their surface. The problem can be easily fixed, but due to the hazards of trying to fix a gas water heater on your own, it’s best that you call us for professional for assistance.

Hire Brookhaven Water Heater Repair Specialists

Broken dip tubes, damaged heating elements, and faulty burners are the three commonest reasons for Brookhaven water heater repair. Fortunately, they’re usually easily fixed and easy to identify. Atlanta Water Heaters is your ultimate source of quality water heater services in your area.