Alpharetta Water Heater Replacement


The lack of hot water supply is unacceptable, especially during the colder months of the year. For some of us, going to work or school in the morning without taking a hot shower can ruin our entire day and leave us feeling off. But before you rush out to get Alpharetta water heater replacement services, try to look into the reasons why you are not getting hot water. Some problems are fixable, so maybe all you need is water heater repair.

Why You Need Alpharetta Water Heater Replacement Services

To know for sure that you need Alpharetta water heater replacement, you should learn how to check your water heater regularly. The most common indications that your water heater is faulty are as follows:

Issues with the Pilot Light

Your water heater’s burner needs the pilot light to ignite it. If the pilot light isn’t on, you’re not going to get any hot water. In order to check on your pilot light, you have to remove the cover of the water heater first. The first possibility is that you’ll find it to be switched off, in which case you can just switch it on and that should fix the problem. The alternative is that it’s switched on but you’re still not getting hot water. If that’s the case then more needs to be done to correct the problem.

Gas Control Valve and Gas Line Problems

Pay attention to this issue because gas line defects can be a serious health hazard. Those who don’t get hot water and smell a rotten scent coming out of their water heater should be suspicious of a gas line leak. Leaking gas has some serious health effects and could even be fatal in a poorly ventilated apartment, room, or even bathroom. You’ll need to call a professional in as soon as possible to repair the problem and halt the leakage before it gets worse. Don’t postpone fixing a gas leak and call a pro as opposed to doing it yourself.

Sediment Build Up

Water heaters get dirty, just like everything else that a person owns. Try to clean your water heater a couple of times per year to prevent sediment build up. You can use water softeners as well to reduce the rate of build up.

Broken Dip Tube

Dip tubes take cold water where it’s supposed to in order to heat the water. Broken or malfunctioning dip tubes will result in cold water going to places where it’s not supposed to. Mixing cold water with the already heated water will mean no hot water coming out of the shower or faucets. Dip tubes are repairable but can be quite expensive and sometimes, looking for a water heater replacement seems like the wiser financial choice.

Heating Element Burn Out

Your water heater most likely has two heating elements. If one of them burns out, you’ll find yourself getting less hot water than you’re used to. Instead of the hot water lasting your entire family, it is only enough for two people taking a shower in the morning. After noticing a drop in the amount of hot water, call someone to get the broken heating element replaced or fixed as soon as possible before the other one breaks too, and you’ll end up with no hot water at all.

Rushing for an Alpharetta water heater replacement when you stop getting hot water is understandable. Call us and get some assistance in figuring out the cause of the problem. We at Atlanta Water Heaters are more than eager to help.

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