Alpharetta Water Heater Installation

Best Water Heater Installers in Alpharetta GA

Storage Tank

If you’re about to get Alpharetta water heater installation services, you got to purchase the right water heater to suit your needs. A lot of people don’t that there are several kinds of water heaters. The most common water heater type is the one with a storage tank, which is a lot are familiar with. But there are other types that you might want to consider as well.

Alpharetta Water Heater Installation Basics
Take a look through our guide and make sure you purchase the best one for your family before looking for Alpharetta water heater installation options.

On Demand Tanks

Water heaters with no tanks are called tankless water heaters. As the name implies, these tanks don’t store hot water at all. Instead, they’ll heat the water as it flows through the tank when you use it. So when you turn on the water heater, it’ll start warming up the water as it passes through. This model is preferred for people who live alone or don’t demand lots of hot water at a single time.

They can usually provide up to 3.5 gallons of hot water per minute. That might be enough for some, yet it’s short of the mark for others. Families with several people taking showers in the morning around the same time are advised to go for storage tanks.

Utility Tanks

Utility tanks are also referred to as point-of-use utility tanks can be considered as the younger siblings of storage tanks. If you’re looking for a source of hot water for a shop or a garage, then you should consider getting utility tanks. Their storage capacity ranges from about 2 to 20 gallons.

Mobile Home Tanks

Mobile homes need specific kinds of water heaters that have to be approved by Housing and Urban Development. Like most other types, these can run on electricity and gas. Electric mobile home heaters have the advantage because they’re cheaper and require less planning.

When getting a gas heater for a mobile home, you need to know whether or not it’ll have outside access. If it does, a standard water heater will work. But if it won’t, then you’ll need to buy a sealed combustion gas water heater.

Overall, make sure to check the measurements so you don’t end up with a water heater that’s too large for your mobile home and ends up causing problems. Knowing more about different types of water heaters will help you get the ideal Alpharetta water heater installation service.

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